First of all, it is useful to start by clearing up an important confusion: Kotor is the name of both the historical city, the region in which the historical city is located, and the bay in which the region is located. Those who only see Kotor Stari Grad, the historical center of Kotor, are missing a lot. There are places like fairy tales that must be seen in the Bay of Kotor! That's why, in order to make a more accurate plan, we say, if you haven't read it yet, start with our ⇨ KOTOR ⇦ article, where we explain all the places to see in the Bay of Kotor and how you should plan a tour. The article you are reading is a sub-title of it. In this article, you will find only places to visit in Kotor Stari Grad, that is, inside the historical city, and our recommendations. Kotor Stari Grad = historical city of Kotor Now that we've cleared that up, we can start pouring out our love of Kotor to you. Kotor Stari Grad is one of the most beautiful medieval settlements you will ever see